When a still image isn’t quite enough, artists gravitate to the moving image to convey a feeling or message. In this way, the work offers a completely different experience – met with both visuals and sound to transform the viewer’s perspective.

With Ephimera’s file limit of 250mbs, many artists have utilized this feature to mint truly captivating, high quality work.

See it for yourself. Put your headphones in and check out the video NFT works of these artists below.

“Water Seed in Recollection” by Gisel Florez

“Water Seed in Recollection” is a video piece by Gisel Florez exploring the unity of earth, water, and energy. Gisel captures the essence of life in this short video piece.

“Still+Sound #1: “Un’Estate fa” (“One Summer ago”)” by Kime

“Still+Sound #1: “Un’Estate fa” (“One Summer ago”)” by Kime is a visual diary of the everyday. Created using photography and audio recordings captured during the summer of 2020, Kime combines the works into a video montage that is sure to peak feelings of summer nostalgia.

“Vidas enteras nº1” by Cinetoke

The first in a series of four video pieces, “Vidas enteras nº1” by Cinetoke so effortlessly captures feelings of serenity. Created with unused footage from one of his documentary projects, Cinetoke repurposes the work to focus on the momentary feeling of freedom.

“I Can’t Breathe” by David Bianchi

David Bianchi’s “I Can’t Breathe” combines spoken word poetry and disruptive visuals to create a short film illustrating the pain of black history in America. A powerful piece utilizing Bianchi’s pioneered “Spinema”, this work was created in response to the death of George Floyd and the collective mourning shared by many around the world.

“Windows of Opportunity – Two YULDFW” by Martin Lukas Ostachowski

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Created using animated photo-collages captured while on passenger flights, “Windows of Opportunity – Two YULDFW” by Martin Lukas Ostachowski pulls the viewer out of the passenger seat and invites them to experience an entirely new perspective. Martin’s work carries underlying themes of cryptocurrency awareness, education, and evolution of blockchain technology.

“Water snake” by Rudolf Boogerman

“Water snake” by Rudolf Boogerman begins as what feels like a peaceful day at the lake, trees reflected in the water. As the viewer continues to watch the video, they may be surprised as the tree is transformed into an eerie soundscape – the reflection of something more sinister.