Ephimera is a digital marketplace focusing on lens-based work and video art. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ephimera aims to provide a space for photographers to tokenize, exhibit, and sell their work to collectors around the globe on ephimera.com.

The Ephimera Magazine is a space for those passionate about fine art, photography, and blockchain to read and contribute to conversations within art and technology. We aim to educate and inspire readers as we feature artist spotlights, photography guides, community submissions, and more. As blockchain technology and the art market continues to evolve, the community will evolve with it. We understand the value of contributing to these conversations of art and technology and the Ephimera Magazine creates a platform to do so.

Core Values

Ephimera Magazine’s vision is to create a vibrant community for conventional photographers and crypto artists to inspire, share knowledge, and connect with oneanother.

Awareness and Education

We are committed to promoting the active exchange of artistic ideas in photography as well as inform artists about the ways blockchain technology can support their work.

Protection and Authentication

We are passionate about preserving the work of artists by certifying their art through the power of blockchain technology. We aim to provide resources and material to better educate artists and collectors on ways to protect their creations.

Creativity and Inspiration

We challenge artists to exhibit a dynamic quality of photography and mixed media through artist spotlights and exhibition features, and strive to evolve how they see their practice exhibited in the virtual world.

Connection and Collaboration

We motivate artists to work with each other through submitting collaborative work, as well as inviting galleries to feature the work of artists. We invite community submissions for artists to voice their opinions and feature their works or the works of other artists.