P46 Gallery, NFT Photographers, Urban Street Photo Gallery and Ephimera have teamed up to create an exhibition highlighting NFT photography!

On July 10th, the “Photographers in the NFT Space – Exhibit I” show was brought to life by the KUNSTMATRIX platform in the form of a virtual exhibition. The show, curated by Gisel Florez, Claudia Pawlak, Francesco Portelli, Nick Fabian, and Jan Bora features 30 carefully selected works all minted as NFTs through blockchains like Ethereum and Tezos.

“The Ascension of Dumont Dune” by Kristopher Grunert

Through an open-call on social media, artists were invited to submit their works using the #nftopencall hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, welcoming any photography NFT for a chance to be included in the show. Over 380 submissions were received during this open call.

The idea began with Jan Bora of P46 Gallery and Simona of NFT Photographers. P46 Gallery, a photography gallery based in Camogli, Italy, was forced to shut its doors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Jan noticed buzzing activity around NFTs and wanted to explore the idea further. “The world of NFTs [allows] many young artists to believe in their art and to invest much more time and energy” Jan tells Ephimera. “P46 noticed this new wave of photographers…a kind of ‘nouvelle vague’ of art. The idea of an exhibition was born to discover new talents who use the photographic medium and to consolidate the idea of community that exists around the world of NFTs.”

If it had not been for the pandemic Jan believes that P46 Gallery would have still pursued NFTs, being attracted to the “experimentation and openness” of this curious new art world. “Without the pandemic we probably would have organized something. Perhaps not a virtual exhibition, but an [in-person] exhibition in Camogli.” Lets keep our fingers crossed for that!

The exhibition is up for view until July 25th. Most works are currently available for sale and can be collected through their respective platforms.

You’re in an NFT exhibit, now what?

As more exhibition opportunities pop up in the NFT space, it’s important to document these opportunities to further your artist career.

Join us tomorrow, July 16th at 1:00PM EST for a livestream as we cover Artist CVs, exhibition documentation, and more.