If you’re following the world of astrophotography, chances are you have stumbled upon Andrew McCarthy’s work before.

Andrew began creating high-definition portraits of the moon in 2017, and quickly won the hearts of space enthusiasts everywhere after a Reddit post in February of 2019 went viral. The post, describing how Andrew took 50,000 photographs of the moon to create an 81 megapixel image, just grazes the surface of Andrew’s interest in documenting our space.

“I took nearly 50,000 images of the night sky to make an 81 Megapixel image of Tuesday’s moon. Uncompressed image linked in the comments. [OC]” Source: Reddit

Andrew’s interest in astrophotography started in the summer of 2017. After reminiscing on a childhood memory of looking into his father’s telescope, the photographer-to-be decided to buy one for himself. “The moment I first peered through the lens at another celestial body I was instantly changed” he tells Ephimera. “From there my passion for documenting what I was observing formed, and I’ve spent the past three years working to share my experience with the world.”

It looks like he is now ready to jump into the world of NFTs.

Andrew, who is debuting his tokenized photography on Ephimera, was attracted to the crypto-art space due to the uniqueness of art made possible by blockchain technology. “One of the downsides of working in photography, is there is not really a way to produce an original one-of-a-kind piece the way you can with a physical medium … The crypto-art space allows buyers to have an original one-of-a-kind piece, and much like a canvas painted like oils, it can’t be copied.”

Andrew will be making his NFT debut on Tuesday March 9th with “Minerals of our Moon” and “Phased”.

“Minerals of our Moon is actually showing the real colors on the moon” Andrew describes the work (above). “The moon appears gray to our eyes, but cameras can pick up the subtle color in the regolith. By using software I can enhance these colors to make them visible to your eye, and turn our monochrome moon into a natural work of art. This is a great example of where nature can be the greatest painter.”

“Phased” was created using raw materials from Andrew’s “hundreds of images” of the moon. “I was trying to come up with a unique way of combining [the images] to show the dynamic nature and depth of our moon. So it was created after I had all the raw materials.”

We interviewed Andrew McCarthy to learn more about his process, concepts, and thoughts on the crypto-art world.

Ephimera: What is it about the moon that intrigues you?

Andrew: Our moon is something shared by every living person on this planet, and over our heads constantly, yet we take it for granted. In my mind, the moon is a gateway for a greater understanding of our place in the cosmos, and by showing people a familiar object in a new light I can get more people excited about our universe as a whole.

Ephimera: What is your workflow like? Are you someone who knows what the photograph is going to look like before you take it, or do you shoot a variety of images to build a concept afterwards?

Andrew: Each image is a living and breathing thing, with the “soul” of the photograph not revealed until it is captured, I do my best to process the image to reveal the magic hidden within each photo. For that reason, while each shot is roughly planned, I never truly know how they will turn out until they are finished.

Ephimera: Many photographers find they’re limited when shooting the same subject matter. Are there ever any challenges when photographing the moon?

Andrew: Absolutely. With all celestial bodies, they are relatively unchanging. So to stand out among the millions of other photographers shooting the same subject matter, it requires approaching it with a different perspective every time it is shot.

Ephimera: In fine art we see the moon used significantly (Van Gogh, Rousseau, etc.) Do you think the moon holds a certain power?

Andrew: Our moon is an inspiration for many. It is mysterious, romantic, and poetic. It moves with steadiness and grace across our skies, unmoved by the chaos of daily life. Many (like myself) find comfort in its quiet march across our evening sky. There is certainly a magical quality to it.

Ephimera: Are you aware of the significance of the moon in crypto culture, to the point where it’s even used as a verb? (To “moon” = to see exponential increases in an investment).

Andrew: Absolutely! I love the energy and optimism of crypto traders, and seeing our moon as a milestone makes a lot of sense, seeing as it is the furthest mankind has personally explored. A metaphor for an ambitious yet achievable goal.

Andrew’s work drops this Tuesday, March 9th at 10AM EST on Ephimera.