Happy February! We wanted to take the time to pick out some of our favourite winter photographs from the marketplace. Some capture landscapes frozen in time, others more conceptual in creating a narrative. Any of these images will surely chill out your collection in no time.

Frozen Movement by Jan Erik Waider

“Fascinated by the ever-changing landscapes of the Arctic, I was able to ‘freeze’ this iceberg in the glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón (Iceland) for a period of several minutes. Due to its size, it was anchored to the ground and only the small chunks of ice around it were in motion. Particularly fascinating for me was also the color scheme on this late summer day: Dark rain clouds over the shimmering blue ice with black inclusions of lava sand.” – Jan Erik Waider

Emerald Dream by Hollow Sun

“There’s beauty in what’s temporary. Usually, when someone says something won’t last forever, it’s associated with something negative. But there is such beauty in things that are not eternal. I like to observe and document this phenomenon in nature, and you can translate it to many things in life. The short flight of the leaves when they fall from the trees, a beautiful summer sunset or a temporary lake, formed by the melting snow at the end of the winter. This emerald lake will only last a few weeks until it’s forever gone. A memory that will always live in my mind, with just this image as a proof of its existence.” – Hollow Sun

“Transit” by Alex Fernandez

“The city begins to transit before the beginning of a snow storm. Photo taken on the streets of Chinatown at 6am on a winter morning. New York City, 2019.” – Alex Fernandez

“Cloud Blanket” by Leah Berman

“A trip to Yosemite in early winter grants moody days filled with rain and a seemingly everlasting cloud cover that engulfs the surrounding mountains. It truly feels like an enclosed and enchanted world unburdened by the minutiae of everyday life.” – Leah Berman

“You’ll fear the Cold and crave the Burn…” by Ruslan Bolgov

“Winter conceptual art portrait. Magic forest of Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Beautiful angel model and additional accessories used.” – Ruslan Bolgov

“Snow Lady” by Gordana Hajinovic

A winter fairy tale scene, processed using photography and photo animation.