On February 8th 2021, as part of the #ArtProject MakerSpace at ETHDenver, we had the opportunity to present a workshop on creating glitch are through a process called “databending.”

Databending is the act of selecting digital files (like .jpegs, .tiffs, .mp4s, etc.) and manipulating them with software designed for other file formats. For example, dragging an image from your iPhone and importing it directly into Notepad would result in opening up the data of that image, and not the visual .jpeg we expect to see. If you were to go ahead and edit some of that data in Notepad, the resulting effects would most likely be distorted pixels, shapes, and colours. Many artists use this concept to create work known as glitch art.

Presented by Claudia Pawlak, the workshop explores how to create glitch art through software like NotePad++ and Audacity. “Databending for All” is the perfect start to learning how to distort your images in a way that’s educational, free, and fun! Check it out on our YouTube channel below.

“Databending for All” workshop presented by Claudia Pawlak at the #ArtProject MakerSpace during ETHDenver 2021.