The #ArtProject2020 art and technology expo hosted many amazing conversations such as panel talks with industry professionals, interactive events with platform developers and talks with pioneering artists active in the crypto-art space. Among those artist talks we had the incredible opportunity of sitting down and chatting with digital artist Hexeosis.

Conceived by creative director Erik Buth, Hexeosis is a long-term project started on Tumblr in 2013. The project began as an outlet to post GIF art of Erik’s signature style, encompassing hypnotic shapes, geometric patterns, and neon colours, looping seamlessly in satisfying repetition. Erik’s work quickly gained momentum on Tumblr, and by December 2019 Hexeosis’ social media platforms had gained over 130,000 combined followers.

Image of Hexeosis’ GIF art from artist’s website.

2019 also marked an important milestone for the project’s development, with Erik’s introduction to the world of crypto-art. Along with offering blockchain-authenticated GIF art to purchase on digital art marketplaces, a shift in Hexeosis’ signature style was introduced. More specifically, a new medium was introduced to the work.

Hexeosis’ new “Elements” series in the Ephimera marketplace features layers of photography and original audio. This is a new avenue being explored, accompanied with the familiar shapes and colours Hexeosis is so well-known for. The work is incredibly immersive and transformative, and is an exciting addition to the project’s portfolio. “hx_8a316” was tokenized in the Ephimera marketplace in November 2020, and purchased by collector Paper Tiger. It is now currently listed for sale for Ξ3.00 ($3254.34).

Hexeosis’ “hx_8a316” from the “Elements” series in the Ephimera marketplace.

“It’s a little bit different than some of the GIF’s I’ve been making … this one’s video for one thing, there’s also an audio loop, which is something I’m hoping to get more into.”

Erik Buth during the #ArtProject2020 Artist Presentation: Hexeosis artist talk

Watch Erik’s talk during the #ArtProject2020 art and technology expo below to learn more about his established style, introduction to the crypto-art market, and new work.