Much like eyes are windows into the soul, the same can be said for self portraits. Self portraiture, the practice of an artist inserting themselves as the main subject of their medium, is one of the most intimate forms of emotional expression. By becoming both creator and subject the artist has complete control over the work, which can be used to create a statement or express a narrative. Self portraiture is a timeless art form, regularly seen in both painting and photography.

Lens-based self portraits are special in that they often, but not always, portray the most realistic illustration of the artist. The camera becomes an observer of sorts. When these works are published on the blockchain, they become records of time. The work is now a document of the artist’s physical and emotional state at time of capture, cemented into the blockchain. The following works below by Bárbara Bezina, yrdgz, Josh Kerr, Susana de Dios and Roxanne Darling are all strong examples of self portraiture being created in the NFT space today.

Self talk by Bárbara Bezina

I paint self portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.

Frida Kahlo