As part of the #ArtProject2020 Art and Technology expo in November 2020, we had the privilege of sitting down with photographer and crypto-artist James Fox to gain a better insight into his charming work.

James is known for creating stunning macro-photographs of 3D printed objects immersed in resin. His pieces captivate through rich lines and textures of colour that move effortlessly across the frame. There’s a sense of malleability in his pieces, inspiring a want to reach out and touch the work.

With over 30 pieces sold to collectors all over the globe in just the past year, James is definitely an artist to watch. He has many works available for purchase, including “Ebb and Flow” which is currently listed for Ξ3.00 ($1895.88) in the Ephimera marketplace.

“Ebb and Flow” by James Fox. Currently listed for Ξ3.00 ($1895.88) in the Ephimera marketplace.

I really like how people can form their own connections with my work. A lot of it is just finding that feeling or emotion and keeping it abstract. They can make it their own piece, they can really decide what they see in it.

James Fox on “Ebb and Flow” during the #ArtProject2020 Artist Presentation: James Fox livestream.

Watch the livestream below and check out what James had to say about his workflow, creative process, and success in the crypto-art market.