With the Year That Shall Not Be Named finally behind us and a 2021 full of hope and potential, the Ephimera team wishes everybody a prosperous and healthy New Year! Over the past two months we have been hard at work implementing new features and changes to the platform that we hope will improve the Ephimera experience, with many more in the works. Here are just a handful of the additions made over the past few weeks which you might notice:

The Ephimera Magazine

Probably the biggest addition to the platform since launch has been right here with the Ephimera Magazine  – a place for content surrounding all things photography and video art. Here you will find tips and tutorials for budding photographers, artist spotlights, interviews, platform updates and much, much more. Keep an eye on our Twitter to be updated every time an article drops! 

Market Filters

Looking for art with a listing price that you can buy immediately? Or for a collaborative effort among many talented creators? Or all the work created by one artist in particular? The new Marketplace filter allows you to organize all of the artwork available and helps you find exactly what you are looking for. 


Which Ephimera artists are the most prolific? Who has the highest sale? Which collector has built the biggest collection of Ephimera artworks? Answers to all can be found on the newly-implemented Ephimera Leaderboard, sorted by total artworks, highest price, average price and more. This data offers a useful resource for artists and collectors alike, to gauge market trends and establish appropriate values. 

Personalized URLs

A small but highly requested feature; artwork and profile pages now have smarter URLs, showing an artwork’s title (along with the token ID) and a user’s profile name instead of solely token numbers and Ethereum addresses.

Preview Artwork

Artists and galleries will notice they now have the ability to preview an artwork page before they tokenize the piece. With this they can make sure everything looks as desired: from the description and Vision Board to thumbnails and playback. If something doesn’t look right, they can make changes before tokenizing and signing the associated transaction. 

Marketplace Pricing

Check the market at a glance: if an artwork has an active bid or a listing price, this will now show in the Marketplace page under the artwork itself. If that’s not your thing, you can turn this off by toggling “Hide Price” at the top of the Marketplace.

Got some feedback? Don’t keep it to yourself!

We are constantly working to improve and build upon the Ephimera experience for all users, from artists and galleries to collectors and appreciators. Indeed, many of the improvements featured here were requested by the amazing community of artists and collectors using Ephimera. We love hearing your feedback, so if there is anything you would like to see on the platform then come join the community on Discord and let us know!