Hidden Gems is a series of articles inviting curators, artists, collectors and art professionals to highlight some of their favourite work in the Ephimera marketplace. For our second article, we welcome Roland Kramer (a.k.a. thatbloom), photographer and Ephimera artist. The following words are written by Roland.

We as artists and collectors in the digital space are getting in touch with a lot of incredible art on a daily basis. On Social Media. On NFT platforms. Often times we don’t really ask ourselves why we like or dislike certain art. We generally follow our emotional response to an artwork. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and really ask ourselves why we like certain artworks and why we don’t.

That’s why I was super happy when the Ephimera team approached me to highlight some of my favorite artworks, that have been minted on here. I instantly knew which pieces and artists I’d like to share in this short blog entry. Being an artist myself, who is minting on Ephimera, I am always keeping an eye on the activity board and therefore having an overview of most of the art that has been minted on the platform. With everything moving so fast in this new NFT space, it’s nice to keep yourself in the loop with the latest developments on the platform that you’re sharing your work on.

As a landscape photographer and visual artist with a strong love for abstract structures and experimental techniques, my selection naturally gravitated towards artworks that reflect my own interests.

In the following I am going to explain why I chose Kristopher Grunert’s ‘Genesis.’, James Fox’ ‘Dreams’ and Ruben’s artwork ’64°41’53.6″N 14°26’00.4′, and what makes them interesting to me.

“Genesis” by Kristopher Grunert

I haven’t heard about Kristopher’s works before joining the NFT space. Through Ephimera I found out about his intriguing experimental landscape photography and I’m happy I did. Incorporating artificiality in natural landscapes always creates an interesting tension for the viewer, which Kristopher’s image is perfectly embodying here. We as viewers know that this triangle of light is not coming from a natural source, which instantly evokes an ethereal and otherworldly feeling in us. Through the alienation of a once familiar landscape, Kristopher achieves a storytelling aspect that I really enjoy about this work. It forces my brain to come up with a story on the triangle of light and at the same time I’m captivated by the image through the well executed composition of this work. 

“Dreams” by James Fox

A short look on James’ website will show you how incredibly talented he is in creating these colorful, fluid, organic looking and abstract images. Often times combined with sculptures that interact with the surrounding fluid. As with Kristopher’s work, I had no idea about the artworks of James before I joined Ephimera, which beautifully illustrates how many amazing artists you’re able to find and get to know in a short period of time in the NFT space. The title ‘Dreams’ captures the visual idea of this artwork in a beautiful way. If we as humans could see what our dreams look like, it would most likely look like an abstract photograph of James. What caught my attention in this artwork is the dream-like color scheme in combination with the transparent appearance of the fluid, which gives it a visually pleasing look. Furthermore, I adore how this image is separated in two areas of static textures in the corners, that turn into a non-static moving liquid in the middle of the image. Creating a beautiful contrast and tensions back and forth between the corners, keeping the viewer inside the image.

“64°41’53.6″N 14°26’00.4” by Ruben

In contrast to the other artists I mentioned before, I was already familiar with Ruben’s work before entering the NFT space. So I’m happy to see that he joined Ephimera a couple of days ago and would like to warmly welcome him on the platform. I came into contact with Ruben’s work via various projects of his on Behance. One that especially stood out to me was his series ‘Another World From Iceland’, where he presents the landscapes of Iceland in uniquely and unusually rendered colors. The artwork with the name ’64°41’53.6″N 14°26’00.4′ is also part of this series, where Ruben and the creative collective ‘Retoka’ are exploring and showing Iceland from a different angle. This different angle can also be seen and felt in Ruben’s artwork. The overall coloration of this photograph is unusual to the viewer’s eye. It has an alien or extraterrestrial feel to it that’s intriguing. The connection between the tiny human centered in this image and the overall alien landscape creates an interesting feeling and story in this artwork that I particularly like. To me, it visually tells the story of a human exploring another foreign planet. That’s what Iceland probably feels like to someone visiting. That’s how Ruben saw Iceland and I enjoy seeing Iceland through his eyes.

Each one of those artworks explores a different aspect of photography that I personally enjoy in my own photographic work. All of these highlighted artists are incredible at what they’re doing and I highly recommend checking them out. Thank you for reading!

Roland Kraemer (@thatbloom) is a landscape photographer and visual artist based in Munich, Germany. His body of work focuses on minimalism & abstract art, as well as experimental techniques. In his photographs he is always looking for beauty in the inconspicuous. Roland holds a B.Sc. in Online Media & was nominated as a newcomer for the German Design Award 2021.